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Paragliding at Kamshet

One of the unique and wildest dreams of man is to dream of flying in the air. The invention of the airplane has made the dream come true. With the advent of adventure sports like hang-gliding, paragliding we can easily achieve this dream without any machine, motor, or engine. In the state of Maharashtra in India, you can enjoy flying in the air at paragliding Kamshet Pune, a land surrounded by nature. If you are visiting Maharashtra, you should visit Paragliding at Kamshet, especially for those who are very crazy about adventures.

 Explore paragliding at Kamshet price & packages

paragliding at kamshet price

Bliss Joyride

Duration: 10-15 Min



In Bliss Joyride our instructor will take you high in the sky and give you a very stable and calm flight without any Acrobatics.

  • Basic Flying

  • 10-15 Min Duration

  • Pilot Control

Note: On weekends Rs.3500 per person

Shared jeep cost extra,

Photo & video Rs.500 extra

paragliding at kamshet

Instructional Joyride

Duration: 10-15 Min



Instructional Joy Ride is designed for those who want to experience glider control on their own, with the help of the Pilot's instruction and with all safety precautions.

  • Basic Flying

  • 10-15 Min Duration

  • You Control

Note:Shared jeep cost extra

Photo & video Rs.500 extra

paragliding at kamshet

Special Acro Joyride

Duration: 10-15 Min



In the special acro ride, you will get a thrilling and breathtaking experience. You will get the experience of G4 in the air from a different acrobatic maneuver.

  • Acro Flying

  • 10-15 Min Duration

  • Pilot Control

  • Wingovers

  • Spiral

  • Sat

  • Ridge Dancing

Note: Shared jeep cost extra

Photo & video Rs.500 extra

Frequently asked questions

What is minimum-maximum age to fly?

Almost anybody can partake in paragliding above 5yr old to 85yr old.

What does the season. begin/end?

Our season begins at the Mid-Oct and finishes at the last week of May.

Is there a weight restriction?

As such Canopy has a limit on how many kilos it can carry, our pilot's are carefully matched to each passemger according to their combined body weights and the weather conditions. We currently enforce Min weight limit is 15kg and Max weight limit is 105 kg.

How long will i be in the air?

Each flight duration in min 15 min.

What do i need to wear?

Paragliding at Kamshet provides helmet and flying suits. You need to wear comfertable clothes and shooes.

What do i need to carry?

A bottle of water is nessesary, sunglasses and cap you can wear if you like.

Do i need any training or experience to fly?

Absolutely not, No experience is required to fly as you will be fully briefed prior to take-off. You will merely run a few steps and the rest is in the hands of your fully qualified and experionced pilot. Just sit back and enjoy your flight.

At what time can i fly?

The sport of paraglidingdepends on the wind conditions so you will be notified by phone from paragliding at kamshet in the evening one day before the date you choose to fly.

How do we arrive to takeoff point?

The road to the mountain is not so good, so it is difficult to take your own car on the mountain. You have to take a local share jeep higher from the meeting point to get to the mountain and pay its exclusive shared charges. After driving 20 minutes by jeep and reaching the parking lot on the hill, we will reach the takeoff after a flat walk of 10 minutes. The sites like shelar hill are not drivable so we need to walk on mountain for 10 min.

Pre-booking is necessary?

Yes, We advice you to book and don't leave it untill your last day as we are depends on the weather conditions. The last min reschedules or cancellations may happen due to weather conditions that are beyond control.

Cancellation refund?

If any cancellation happens due to the unfavorable weather conditions will refund you 100% booking amount. And 100% refunds are given on cancellations made 12 hours before the flight.

How safe it is?

Paragliding is one of the extreme air sports. statistically, paragliding is as safe as driving. If you follow proper rules and regulations then there is no chance for any casualty. You all are in safe hands because all pilots are experienced, all the equipment we use is certified and load tested. These are the keys to unlock your safe flight. Because the safety is our first priority.

Why paragliding at kamshet?

Paragliding at kamshet is the best place for paragliding

India is known for its high mountain ranges, mountains, valleys, Himalayas, and the Western Ghats region and is suitable for paragliding. That is why the tandem paragliding in kamshet area is one of the best places for paragliding in India. Kamshet is 110 km from Mumbai and 45 km from Pune, and 18 km from Lonavla. Paragliding kamshet pune is located in western ghats, so the surrounding area is a high mountain area, that's why sometimes you have to take a short walk to go to many take-off sites for paragliding. The climate here is hot semi-arid, and the average temperature ranging between 20°C to 26°C. The elevation of Kamshet is at 670 m.

Kamshet paragliding height

There are four sites for paragliding at Kamshet. Tower Hill (East & West), Shelar hill, and Pawna hill. The take-off point of tower hill is 900m above sea level, i.e. 230 m above the ground. Also, the take-off of Shelar hill is at a distance of 720m above sea level. The favorable environment for paragliding at Kamshet is the only reason why? Kamshet has become the "best place for paragliding in India". The paraglider is designed to be decent, but after taking off at paragliding kamshet lonavala, we can go higher in the sky by increasing the altitude. Otherwise, elsewhere after take-off, we just come to the ground from the air and land on the ground, and this is only possible due to the wind conditions here.

While paragliding at kamshet, we can experience all these things like mountains, valleys, rivers, streams, forts, big dams, green gar, thick bushes. And yes,you can experience the unforgettable moment of watching the sunset while flying in the sky at paragliding kamshet pune.

Best time for paragliding in Kamshet.

The monsoon lasts from June to Oct, so paragliding kamshet pune lasts from mid-Oct to the last week of May. Nov dec months are known as the pink-cold months. From Oct to Jan, the air flows from east to west. It is only possible to fly early in the morning, as the flyable wind conditions required for paragliding are available approx from 7 am to 1:30 pm in winter. The air conditions between Dec and Jan are smooth thermic so it is possible to take good height while flying. During these months, sometimes flying is done all day long. From Feb to May the wind blows from west to east, the air coming from the sea is cold and sometimes the wind speed is also seen to be high. In summer, the flyable wind blows after 0:03 pm, so in summer, evening flying takes place, from around 0:04 pm to sunset. The joy of soaring in the air at such a time is something else.

How much does paragliding cost in kamshet?

Paragliding at kamshet price starts at just Rs.2,499/- per person. There are three types of joyrides:

  1. Bliss Joyride

  2. Instructional Joyride

  3. Acro Joyride

Each ride have different specification and price.

Paragliding kamshet pune is eagerly waiting for you to give you this experience of paragliding. Tandem paragliding in kamshet will be the best trip of your life, and on your way back from paragliding at kamshet you will take with you an unforgettable moment that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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