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Bliss Joyride is a Best selling ride in Kamshet. People who are paragliding at kamshet for the first time mainly choose this ride. People who want to fly without any stunts and feel like flying high in the air relax can choose this ride.
In Bliss joyride, the pilot prepares you with equipment. Then connects you and himself with a paraglider of the right size according to your weight, then does your pre-flight checks for your safety, and then takes you in the air with the favorable wind for flying. This ride is 10-15 minutes long.
While flying in the air at paragliding kamshet lonavala, you can see the surrounding area, Indrayani river, Kamshet city, forts like Lohgad, Visapur, Tikona, Tung from the sky. Uksan dam, Pavana lake, high mountains of Sahyadri, and Mumbai-Pune highway visible underfoot. We can enjoy all these things while flying high in the air.
The bliss joyride will give you the feeling of being a bird while flying in the open air without any restrictions. If you want to give a special surprise to your loved ones on a Special day, paragliding at Kamshet can be a great option.
Paragliding is a recreational and competitive adventure sport, Also it is one of the best outdoor activities of flying. If you want to experience this beautiful adventure sport, you need a little time and desire to do it.

High lights
1. The beauty of nature, can be experienced from the sky.
2. You can take beautiful photos and videos with this unique view.
3. Experience flying high in the open sky without any cabin.

Bliss Joyride

SKU: 0001
  • On weekdays Rs.2,999/- per person

    On weekends Rs.3,499/- per person

    Shared jeep cost extra

    Photo & video Rs.500/- extra

Per Person

Ride Duration: 10-15 Min.

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