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Paragliding in India

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

#Introduction :

Paragliding is an "adventure sport". This is one of the most popular air sports in the world, and it is becoming admired these days. The man invented the airplane, and after that, he started Inventing more and more. In 1950, Pierre Lemoigne, a Frenchman, made his first takeoff by pulling a round parachute canopy. The ram-air-inflated cell structure originated in 1960 by Canadian Domina Jalbert. Going forward, the game of paragliding emerged.

#What is "Paragliding" & Equipment?

The game of paragliding is all about flying in the air. Paragliding is wind and weather depending sport. There is no kind of motor machine involved in this paragliding sport, that's why it is totally nature friendly, there is no threat to birds or the environment from this.

Paragliding can be done only in the mountains. When inflated, the wing's cross-section has the typical teardrop aerofoil shape. The material is ripstop and made up of nylon fabric or polyester. The wind speed needed for flying is 15-20 km/hr. The equipment is also small in size and handy for use. We can keep all the equipment in one rucksack. There are four things in the paraglider kit bag :

  1. Canopy / Wing

  2. Harness

  3. Reserve parachute

  4. Helmet

The total equipment weight is about 12-15 kilos.

#Paragliding in India

Paragliding is done in India like many other countries in the world, And we all know that India is a country surrounded by natural beauty. The lofty hills, valleys, mountain ranges, forts, western ghats, Himalayas are some of the beautiful things that make paragliding a special identity in India. Because for paragliding, you need a high hill from which you can take off and soar in the sky.

The game is now reaching every nook and corner of India as the friendly atmosphere here & the various beauties of each place give it a unique look. India is a country that enjoys the Himalayas, deserts, long coastlines & you can easily experience paragliding in all such destinations.